Four-Part Webinar Series

Upgrading Your Barcode System with RFID

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Why Does Your Business Need RFID Over Barcode Tagging?

Overview - Webinar series now available with on-demand access

Hello there, are you interested in deploying an RFID tracking solution to replace or supplement your barcode tracking system? Or maybe you’re looking to start from scratch, tagging your items to better manage where they are, what they are, and who they are assigned to? If so, this webinar series is specifically for you! Apptricity is an industry leader in RFID tracking solutions, using RFID tags to track billions of items across the globe. We provide better visibility into the location, status, and quantity of important assets and inventory items. That's why organizations like yours are making the switch or enhancing their existing systems.

This Webinar Series is for:

  • Anyone looking to replace their existing barcode tracking solution
  • Looking to supplement their existing barcode solution with additional tracking capabilities
  • Implementing an asset and/or inventory tracking solution from scratchInterested in learning more about RFID technology and how it can optimize daily business procedures and workflows

Webinar #1 – Why RFID? 

RFID tags provide significant benefits in asset and inventory tracking workflows across various industries. This opening webinar will focus on the technology, how it works, the strengths and weaknesses of using radio frequency for tracking, and some of the common use cases where the benefits of RFID can be fully realized. 

Webinar #2 – RFID for Cycle Counting 

Cycle counting is an important task that many businesses undertake to audit what is present against what is reported, yet inaccurate counts and high labor costs contribute to making this process more difficult. In this webinar, we will cover how RFID helps resolve these issues through rapid scanning, automation, and data capture. 

Webinar #3 – RFID for Check-In/Check-Out 

Businesses that own and check out assets to employees face a difficult challenge in managing ownership history, stock on hand, and overdue returns. This webinar will cover the ways in which RFID tags, paired with an integrated Asset Management solution, address these issues. 

Webinar #4 – RFID for Inventory Tracking 

Tracking large quantities of inventory can be nearly impossible when you rely on barcodes or manual data management. This webinar will cover the ways in which RFID technology can provide better visibility while cutting down on inaccuracies in location and quantity with an integrated Inventory Tracking solution. 

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