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How to Choose the Best Tagging Technology

Choosing the Best Tracking Tag for Your Supply Chain

What you'll learn

  • The 5 main tracking tag technology types
  • Using tags in order to maximize real-time data
  • How to approach different tracking environments with technology


With a variety of different tags to use for tracking your important assets and inventory items, how do you determine which tag to use? As the Internet of Things continues to grow year-over-year, more companies are utilizing IoT-connected tags to enable real-time tracking of the location and condition of their important items. Access to location information helps reduce shrinkage from lost or stolen items, helping companies reduce spend on replacement assets or inventory items. With tags spanning various price points and reporting data, choosing the right tag can be difficult without the right information.


  • Choosing a tag that's best for your supply chain and your budget
  • Maximizing ROI based on the value of the assets you are tracking
  • Reduced shrinkage and increased visibility across your enterprise

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