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Construction Asset Management: How IoT Technology Benefits Your Crew

What you'll learn

  • The benefits of IoT technology in construction asset management
  • How real-time location services prevent theft and missing assets
  • The ability to geofence high-cost assets with real-time notifications
  • How to automate scheduled services to make the most of your heavy equipment


Construction companies face unique challenges in developing a fully comprehensive asset management strategy. With job sites that often span large distances and equipment that varies in price, lifespan, and usage, companies are looking to software solutions to provide a central repository for all information regarding the tools, equipment, and personnel for a project. Among the many challenges faced in the construction industry, tool and equipment tracking, theft prevention, and lifecycle management highlight the top three issues that every asset management solution needs to address. Apptricity solves these problems with an integrated software and hardware solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


  • 360-degree visibility of assets across job sites
  • Useful life measurements with maintenance history
  • Eliminate crew time spent looking for lost equipment

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