Apptricity Summer Webinar Series:

New Technologies for Your Supply Chain


August 10, and August 24, 10:30 am (CT)

You can come to the webinar, or download it after it is finished!


After these webinars, you will have a solid understanding of the right supply chain tracking

technology for your business!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022
10:30 am (CST)

Indoor Positioning Industry Spotlight:

Industry Success for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail


Join us as the next webinar segment explores Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) solutions focused specifically on industry groups. Managing a supply chain with real-time visibility is becoming a necessity. IPS solutions are affording manufacturing, warehousing, storage, and retail/commercial distribution efforts better time efficiency and ROI.

 In the last session, we explored all things indoor positioning. Quickly recapping, we discussed indoor tracking technology and capabilities. We examined the basics of implementing a system, and the cost-effectiveness of a good solution. 



Wednesday, August 24, 2022

10:30 am

Making Sense of Supply Chain Tracking Technologies

Integrating tracking technology into your supply chain can be confusing at first. With a wide variety of different tracking tags and technologies, it’s important to understand how each solution works, the benefits it provides, and perhaps most importantly, how it fits into your budget.


  • Defining supply chain tracking solutions and their uses
  • Compare and contrast the different technologies
  • How do you get started?




August 10

August 24

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